Gaiam yogamats

Gaiam yogamats with beautiful prints, eco friendly and designed for any style of yoga and yoga level. The Gaiam yogamat offers an excellent grip and stability. 


Gaiam is a company which produces and sells fitness accessories and lifesyle media. The company dominates the health-and-wellness-media branche. Their aim is to live healty and ecofriendly with positive change from the inside of people. Gaiam does only buisiness with Fair Trade, an organisation which takes care of humanitairan supplies. They tend to improve international working standards, such as social responsibility and fair rewards. 

Gaiam yogamats for practice yoga

A right thickness and stickiness makes a yogamat comfortable for yoga practice. Gaiam yogamats has a  thickness from 3 til 6 mm. Some examples; the yogamat Watercress and Tree of Wisdom has a thickness of 3mm, the yoga mat Dandelion Days and Gaiam Sol Sticky Grip yoga mat 5 mm. 


Gaiam yogamats

Some chic designs of the excellent Gaiam yogamat.